Wednesday, August 31, 2011

BRG: Annual Flowers in Full Bloom At Brueckner Mississauga

Annual flowers are in full bloom at Brueckner Rhododendron Garden, and the flower beds near the BRG and Port Credit signs at Godfreys Lane and Lakeshore Road West in Mississauga are especially stunning.

Yet if you usually enter Brueckner Rhododendron Garden via the parking lot or the Waterfront Trail, chances are you've yet to see one of the prettiest flower beds in the Garden.

As well as annuals such as coleus, lobelia, geraniums and vincas, there are perennials and shrubs, including a stunning PeeGee hydrangea.

And right now, all these flowers and plants are at their peak. Have a look:

BRG Sign at Lakeshore Road West and Godfreys Lane
 This annual flowers garden is on the south side of Lakeshore Road West (west of Mississauga Road and the Credit River -- see map). It marks one of three main entrances into Brueckner Garden. (The fluffy white area to the left of the sign is a PeeGee hydrangea. Other hydrangeas are located to the right of the sign.)

Perennial Grasses, Coleus, Chrysanthemums
Coleus in full bloom are truly stunning! While bright sunlight sets the colors ablaze, these stunners even glow on overcast days. There is a vibrant stand of perennial grass adding architectural interest. Chrysanthemums are still in tight buds, promising a good show in a few more weeks.

Coleus Full Bloom at Brueckner Rhododendron Garden
 Although rhododendrons and azaleas are the 'Stars of the Garden', selected annuals, (including these gorgeous coleus pictured above), and perennials, shrubs, trees and wildflowers play their parts in making the BRG an all-season garden. (Don't forget to check the Rose Garden for some late summer blooms.)

Lakeshore Road West Annual Flowers Garden
 In this view, I stood on Lakeshore Road West (south side) and looked west towards the creek, Waterfront Trail and parking lot (Main Entrance). This area between Godfreys Lane and the creek (Tecumseh Creek) is known as the East Garden.

BRG East Garden Rose of Sharon
Rose of Sharon is in full bloom in the former Lily Garden east of Tecumseh Creek and close to the Lakeshore Road sidewalk. Two footbridges connect this East Garden to the main Garden, as does the sidewalk along Lakeshore Road.

If you walk west along Lakeshore, you'll also notice more perennials, shrubs and wildflowers (native plants) as you near the Main Entrance. More wildflowers are in bloom along the creek as you walk south towards the Lake (see wildflowers pictures here).

Rose of Sharon, Waterfront Trail, Tecumseh Creek
 Lushly foliaged and covered in flowers, Rose of Sharon shows how well it responded to hard pruning last Spring (see prune Rose of Sharon details here). There are several of these late-summer bloomers in the Garden. Look, too, for the bright red, pink and mauve phlox in this area, as well as in the Peony Garden.

Coleus End of Summer Stars in the Annual Garden
Day lilies foliage makes a fine backdrop for the bright lights of coleus. This particular annual flower bed is also dressed up in spring with flowering bulbs, and even a fritillaria!

Perennial Grass, Coleus, Landscape Stones in East Garden BRG
 One final photo of the annual - perennial - shrub garden near the Port Credit sign at Godfreys Lane and Lakeshore. If you're out for a walk at Brueckner Rhododendron Garden, do take the time to visit the East Garden and take in the wonderful annual show!

Lake Ontario Lookout Brueckner Rhododendron Garden Port Credit
Located almost directly diagonal across the Garden from the Lakeshore-Godfreys Lane flower bed is the Lake Ontario lookout in the south west Garden. Though this wonderful spot has always been referred to as the Lookout, that will soon change.

Another Lake Ontario lookout is being established a few hundred meters east of here.

My thoughts are that the lookout (photo above) become known as the Top Lookout; the new lookout will become known as the Lower Lookout.  Right now, a split rail fence is being built at the Lower Lookout, and three new benches will be added to the concrete bases already in place.

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