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Friday, June 26, 2009

Rose Garden Design and Layout - Port Credit Ontario

It's been about a year since the rose garden design and layout began at BRG, and even though it's early days, this wonderful addition to this City of Mississauga park is looking good. Very good. (See how it looks in June 2011.)

Here are a few pictures to show what it was near the beginning and how it looks today. And, since almost every rose was selected for its scent, it smells absolutely wonderful!

Rose Garden - The Early Days Summer 2008

I took this picture of the rose garden from the path at the top of the hill. From the parking lot at Lakeshore and Shawnmarr Roads (see Google Map in sidebar), walk up the hill path, not the Waterfront Trail path to the east. You can see from the green leafy patch at the back left that these roses were planted first.

Stakes Mark Rose Beds, Rose Bush Locations

After many revisions to the original design of the rose bed layout, park staff removed the sod, cultivated the soil and added good top soil. Paths between rose beds were marked out, and delineated with cedar mulch. The plan called for mass plantings of each type of rose for a better show of blooms and colors.

Rose Garden Planting by Design

Each week, more rose bushes were planted, and as a few eager ones started to bloom, we could see that some pots had been mislabeled at the nursery. This is why a bed of peach roses might have a white rose in their midst. And the one mystery rose -- an orange beauty -- is still unnamed. These will eventually be moved to their correct location, likely at the end of summer.

Rose Garden Summer 2008

Already last summer, well before the rose garden planting was finished, the first roses were coming into bloom, and attracting the notice of visitors who came looking for rhodos. Having these early bloomers to look at lessened the disappointment when told that the rhodos had bloomed months ago, and wouldn't bloom again until next May.

Early Scentimental Rose Bed Bloom

Sweet smelling Scentimetal was one such early bloomer last year. For 2009 blooms, see blooming roses page and June 2011 Rose Garden.

Rose Garden Shows Off Its Design Summer 2009

I took this picture today from the top of the same hill mentioned in the top photo. Photographers need a good wide angle lens to get the entire rose garden in the frame in detail, but visitors can enjoy it live, much better! And if the breeze cooperates, you'll get the glorious rose fragrance as well!

Mystery Rose :
Can you identify this rose? Post the name in the comments section below.

Mystery Orange Rose - Can You Name It?

This orange rose is one of the mislabeled ones that came into the garden with Chuckles and appears to be the only orange rose in the hundreds of rose bushed that have been planted. Until June 2011, when another 'Mystery Rose' appeared: a yellow rose in a sea of pink.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Peonies In Bloom: Top Brass White Peony

*NB June 2010 Peonies in Bloom !

The peonies are in bloom at the gardens, and are making quite a show! And while some of the rhododendrons are still blooming in several beds, it's so nice to see the Brueckner Gardens flower show continue into the summer!

Planting Peonies Late Fall 2008

All the hard work of the past year -- by volunteers and city staff -- is now starting to be rewarded with a good show that is attracting more and more visitors, as well as painters and photographers.

And brides! Wedding pictures don't mean backgrounds of the fabulous rhodos and azaleas (not everyone can arrange to be married when the rhodos are in bloom). Now brides and grooms can choose from backgrounds of peonies, roses and lilies, as well as the annual beds.

Peonies in Bloom - Top Brass (White)

This picture of the white Top Brass peonies frame two of the volunteers working at the rose garden (links below or search label 'rose').

Top Brass Peony Close Up

Top Brass shows off its feathery tutu and neck ruffle, and slim torso! The peony bed is adjacent to the Waterfront Trail along the west bank of the creek near the garden/ washroom building.

Staff has placed extra mulch on the areas (2) in the peony bed where it is safe to step. Please use only these mulched access points to get closer to these beautiful flowers. They are delicate, and cannot differentiate between being inadvertantly or purposely stepped on. Doesn't matter how sorry you are, they are still broken.

Artists in the Peonies

As gratifying as seeing our hard work come to fruition in the beautiful beds is seeing more and more people using the gardens. And it's especially gratifying to see artists capturing the beauty in a variety of mediums.

I think artists appreciate the greater variety of flower beds, too, for one of them told a volunteer that, "It's great to have something besides rhododendrons to draw."

Hole in the Peony Bed - AWOL or Pilfered ?

Sadly, not everyone is content to capture the beauty of blooming peonies on canvas and film. Some of the beauties have gone missing, leaving a hole in the peony garden, and a hole in our hearts.

Why would someone appropriate plants meant to be enjoyed by all visitors? How incredibly selfish. If you happen to see someone in the garden beds moving plants around, stop and ask them how long they've been volunteering, and how you can volunteer too. True volunteers will have information for you; Pilferers will not.

More holes in the peony bed

Be aware that interferring with anything in our city parks is contrary to this by-law, which states, in part:

15. While in a park, no person shall:

Plant, prune, remove or damage any plant, shrub, flower, flowerbed, bush, sod,
grass, or any other vegetation unless otherwise authorized by the Commissioner;
or (133-06)
This is our park, for all of us to enjoy. Please come by and see the wonderful flower beds, and help keep them that way!

Rose Garden pics: What's in Bloom and Eglantyne, Abraham Darby, Scentimental

Peony info: Wikipedia Peony

Update July 4 2009: The lush and lovely peony blooms are but a memory for the most part for this season, so mark your calendars for next June, and plan to come visit the BRG peonies!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tess of the D'Urbervilles, Evelyn, Iceberg, Chuckles The Ingenious Mr Fairchild -- What's in Bloom

Here are pictures of more roses in bloom at BRG : David Austin's Tess of the D'Urbervilles, The Ingenious Mr Fairchild and Evelyn, and Iceberg and Chuckles.

David Austin Rose: The Ingenious Mr Fairchild Pink

A very special rose named in honour of Thomas Fairchild, who made the first flower hybrid in Europe in 1720. The blooms look much like a peony, very full in full bloom.

From the David Austin Roses site (link below):

This was a cross between a Sweet William and a carnation, which became known as ‘Fairchild’s mule’. With thanks to Michael Leapman for the name, which was the title of his excellent biography on Thomas Fairchild.

Chuckles -- Deep Pink Single Rose

I don't know how Chuckles got its name, but perhaps it's because this prolific bloomer tries to fool you with its first bloom: It comes out as a single, unpretentious blossom looking for all the world like an ordinary wild rose.

But look at all the buds ready to pop! And when they all come into bloom (if the current heat wave continues, it will be within days), Chuckles will show its true glory -- a profusion of blooms at stem end (see Chuckles bed in full bloom).

Iceberg -- Pure White Rose

The Iceberg beds are in full bloom now, a flash of pure white to better highlight the pinks, reds and yellows of its showier neighbours. But white flowers come into their own at dusk and dawn, when light is dim.

Evelyn -- David Austin Yellow - Peach Rose

The Evelyn bed is also ready to come into full bloom. The rose bush in the picture was mis-planted in another bed that gets more sun than the Evelyn bed, and so is blooming a few days ahead of its siblings.

Evelyn Close Up - A True Beauty!

Update June 27/09 The storm on Thursday knocked about some of the roses that were in full bloom, but yesterday's sun and calm coaxed new buds to open. Such was the case with the lovely Evelyn, seen here in close up.

David Austin Tess of the D'Urbervilles Red Rose

Tess is coming into full bloom as well. Look for the small white tags pushed into the ground in the bed. When I say 'look' I mean 'with your eyes'. Please do not step into the beds as the new growth is quite delicate and it's easy to damage these new plants.

Cedar mulch is being added to the rose garden paths to better show where it is safe to step.

Almost all the roses in the garden were chosen for their old fashioned heady rose scent, so do take time to stop and smell the roses!

The new bed in the center of the lakeside (south) edge of the rose garden is the future home of the Hazel McCallion rose. More on this rose later.

More information
Tess D'Urbervilles David Austin and The Ingenious Mr Fairchild and Evelyn

More Roses in Bloom at BRG:
See Eglantyne, Abraham Darby, Scentimental
and Rose Garden Design.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blooming Roses Eglantyne, Abraham Darby (David Austin) and Scentimental

Last night at dusk, I took a few pictures of the roses now blooming at the new rose garden. Here are two David Austin roses Eglantyne and Abraham Darby, and the sweet Scentimental.

[My digital camera batteries were low, and I wanted to use available light for truer color, so not all of these first rate pics, but they will give you an idea of what to expect when you visit.]

Scentimental Rose Bed

Scentimental are known for their fragrance and their candy-striped (peppermint candy) blooms. It seems no two blooms are ever the same.

Scentimental Rose Bed

Here's a tighter shot of a Scentimental rose bush so you can see the variations of colors on the same plant.

Pink Rose -- Eglantyne by David Austin

The David Austin site calls this 'one of the most beautiful English roses' and we have to agree.

Eglantyne Rose Close Up

Eglantyne is a full, double bloom rose that's considered very hardy and disease resistant. Like all the roses chosen for this new rose garden, Eglantyne has a wonderful scent.

Peach Rose by David Austin -- Abraham Darby

I took two pictures of Austin's Abraham Darby rose. It really is lovely and is just coming into first full bloom.

Peach Rose -- Abraham Darby in Bud

Abraham Darby is described as 'apricot and yellow, tinted with pink' on the Austin site. I took a photo of these buds to see if my camera could capture the subtle mauve- blue rims of the new buds. It's really lovely.

See these pages for more information on these roses:
David Austin Eglantyne info
David Austin Abraham Darby

See more roses in bloom at Tess of the D'Urbervilles, Evelyn, Iceber, Chuckles

Sunday, June 7, 2009

White and Red Tree Peonies, Wild Geraniums, Coral Azaleas and Wedding Photos with Rhodos

In no particular order as I want to get over to the gardens to weed the roses before the rain starts, here are some pictures of white and red tree peonies, the wild geraniums, a coral azaleas that positively glows in the shade, and a wedding party taking photos in front of the rhodos.

Wild Geranium Close Up
The violet color flowers on the wild geranium look delicate but really brighten this shady area.

Wild Geraniums Near Bridge

These clumps of wild geraniums are on the west side of the first bridge you come to along the Waterfront Trail at the Lakeshore Road entrance to the Gardens.

White Tree Peony at Dusk

Continue along the Waterfront Trail past the geraniums and you can't miss the new peony bed adjacent to the path. This white tree peony was the first to bloom this spring. If you come to the Gardens in the next few weeks, many more peonies should be blooming.

Red Tree Peony

This is the first of two red tree peonies to bloom this spring. This bed was first planted in November 2008 so this is the first spring for them here, though you may find a few random peonies in other parts of the Gardens.

Red Tree Peony Bud

This is another of the red tree peonies, showing its first bud. Picture takers tend to walk into the bed to get a good photo, but sometimes step on peonies inadvertently. If you want to take photos, then PUH-LEESE watch where you are stepping. We've lost several peonies AND roses, for that matter, already this spring due to careless stepping and ball-throwing.

Red Tree Peony

The peony bed is generating a lot of interest from peony aficionados, equally divided between Asians (who really DO know their tree peonies!) and Westerners who just love peonies. Asians will offer planting and growing tips, and Westerners tend to ask for advice on how to plant and grow. Not surprising, though, as peonies have long been grown in China (see wiki for info).

Coral Azalea near Port Credit Sign

This coral azalea glows in the shade just west of the sign for Port Credit village on Lakeshore, east of Shawnmarr Road. There is a nice seating area and patio here, though you are right in the noise of Lakeshore Road traffic.

June Wedding Party Rhododendron Gardens

Permit at hand, this wedding party came in a large bus to take their photos and really brightened my day. One of the nicest things about these gardens are the friendly people who stop and chat.

I took these pictures the same day as the photos and video of the Kennedy memorial plaque.

Update: Peonies in Bloom June 2010

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Harold Kennedy Memorial Plaque at BRG

Friends and family gathered at the BRG this morning for the unveiling of a plaque in honour of the late Harold Kennedy, who passed away in March 2009.

David Culham, Councillor Carmen Corbasson

A visibly moved Corbasson spoke about her memories of Harold Kennedy, and his work to make Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens a living legacy. Corbasson then read a tribute from Mayor McCallion, who was unable to attend.

Kennedy family members from Mississauga, B.C, and Alberta were joined by City of Mississauga staff, former city councillors, Gardens volunteers and local residents.

Kennedy family, Culham (in blue), Corbasson (right of plaque)

Culham spoke of Harold Kennedy's dedication to making the garden a reality, and to his own close friendship with him, then unveiled the plaque, which is located between two stands of dogwoods immediately south of the parking lot.

Culham, Helen Kennedy, Corbasson

Helen Kennedy, Harold's daughter, spoke on behalf of the family, and Culham read the inscription on the plaque. See this article for more information on Kennedy.

I took a short, impromptu video of Culham reading the inscription: