Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chestnut, Redbud, Weeping Cutleaf Beech, Japanese Cherry Maple: Trees at the BRG

Lake Ontario's north shore micro-climate is a perfect location for the spring-blooming  rhododendrons and azaleas, and for Carolinian forest trees and other shrubs and ornamentals.

Here is a sampling of the latest trees in bloom and leaf at the BRG in Port Credit, Ontario: Chestnut, Redbud, Weeping Beech, Cutleaf Beech, Japanese Cherry, Japanese Maple.
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Chestnut Tree BRG South Bridge Lake Ontario
A large chestnut tree is in full bloom south of the bridge closest to Lake Ontario at the Waterfront Trail in the Gardens. There is another chestnut tree located close to the Kennedy Memorial Plaque at the parking area on Lakeshore Road West.

Chestnut Tree Flowers - BRG Mississauga Ontario
Here's a closer look at the Chestnut Tree in full bloom. Squirrels can look forward to a good crop of nuts this year.

Japanese Cherry Trees in Bloom Late April
The Japanese Cherry trees are finished blooming for this year, but a few weeks ago, they were the Gardens Stars beside the walking path in front of Heritage rhododendron beds.

Redbud Trees in Bloom ~ Port Credit Ontario
The mauve - pink flowers of the redbud trees close to the Gardens parking area bring to mind the spring blooming jacarandas of Argentina and Australia. See more redbuds in bloom now in Port Credit, too, on the east  side of the river near Snug Harbour.

Cutleaf Beech Trees - BRG East Garden Near Godfrey's Lane
The cutleaf beech were in full flush new leaf green in a grove of their own in the East Garden close to Godfrey's Lane. Cutleaf Beech are a smaller variety than Copper Beeches (see my other blog post for copper beech pictures).

Weeping Beech ~ Japanese Maples New at the BRG
Garden staff added a new dimension to the annual and perennial shrub bed with a rather unlovely, at the time, weeping beech. The weeping beech, left center in the above photo, looked like a pole strung with vines. The Japanese Maple trees, to the right, were lovely right away.

Weeping Beech Breuckner Rhododendron Gardens
Within a few weeks, though, the Weeping Beech is looking a lot better than when first transplanted. In fact, I think it's marvellous. The Japanese maples, to the right rear in the picture, also seem to have taken to the transplanting well. Kudos, Para and Joe!

Related tree pictures: Tamarack LarchKentucky coffee Tree (not in leaf yet this spring), magnolias (finished blooming).

Be sure to come visit this Sunday, May 23, for a tour of the Gardens from 2-4 p.m. More rhododendrons are coming into bloom day by day!

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