Sunday, October 25, 2009

Great Walks Mississauga Port Credit in Fall: Lake Ontario, Godfrey's Lane, Waterfront

The Gardens, the Waterfront Trail and Godfrey's Lane along Lake Ontario are great places to go for walks in the Port Credit area of Mississauga this Fall. Take advantage of the sunny days, and enjoy this lovely spot of our city.

Walker on the Waterfront Trail at BRG

From Godfrey's Lane, the Waterfront Trail winds its way through the Gardens, following Tecumseh Creek to Lakeshore Road.

Godfrey's Lane Entrance to BRG

Fall colours are emerging at the Gardens, as seen here along Godfrey's Lane and the Waterfront Trail.

Kentucky Coffee Tree BRG

This area of Mississauga Port Credit is near the northern boundary of the Carolinian Forest, and the gardens are lucky to have wonderful examples of Carolinian trees, like this Kentucky Coffee Tree (yellow leaves, center). Also see an update on this tree Feb 2012.

Mystery Rock Stack at BRG - Inukshuk or Art Form?

From time to time, park staff and visitors will catch sight of one of these balanced rock stacks near Lake Ontario, and sometimes along Tecumseh Creek. To the artist: Thanks! You brighten the park!

Grey Squirrel in Residence Oak Tree at Lake Ontario

Regular visitors and staff know this grey squirrel; he's been the unofficial BRG Squirrel in Residence for several years now, holding court from near his oak tree at the corner of Waterfront Trail and Lake Ontario.

BRG Visitors on Bench - Lake Ontario Port Credit

The BRG's wonderful location on the shores of Lake Ontario makes it a favourite viewing spot for visitors. There are three benches near this viewpoint, and lovely rhodo and azalea beds close by.

Snow Fencing Rhododendrons at BRG
BRG staff erected the snow fencing around rhododendron beds and the peony garden this week, to give them some winter protection. See earlier post about winterizing the gardens.

Wire Mesh Tulip Bulbs

To keep squirrels from munching on tulip bulbs (apparently their favourite snack), garden staff placed wire mesh over the areas where the tulip bulbs were planted. The mesh will be removed once the ground freezes.

See earlier post for planting bulbs and shrubs. And if you'd like to come help get the gardens ready for winter, or sign up for next spring and summer, see Volunteering at BRG for information.

But volunteer or visitor, make time for a walk through the gardens, along Lake Ontario, and Godfrey's Lane, a very special part of Mississauga Port Credit!

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