Thursday, June 24, 2010

Roses Brother Cadfael, Eglantyne, Scentimental, Hazel McCallion : What's in Bloom at Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens

In a show of pink, red and white, the roses at Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens are in bloom now.

Here are some pictures of roses Brother Cadfael, Eglantyne, Scentimental,and Rosa Hazel McCallion. Click on image to enlarge, then click Back button to return.

Brother Cadfael Pink Rose Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens
This Brother Cadfael rose is just beginning to open fully. Note the tightly curled petals in the center.

Rose Brother Cadfael ~ Pink bloom on Bush
Brother Cadfael rose fully opened looks like a delicate pom-pom.

Close Up of Fully Open Pink  Rose Brother Cadfael 
Is there any flower more lovely than a healthy blooming rose? Most of the rose varieties at Brueckner Gardens were chosen partly by scent, so stop and sniff when you visit.

Eglantyne - Elegant Pale Pink David Austin Rose
Another lovely pale pink rose, Eglantyne is in full bloom now at the BRG.

Eglantyne Pale Pink Rose ~
Still one of the most beautiful English roses! See more pictures of Eglantyne taken last year: Blooming Roses post.

Rosa Hazel McCallion ~ Red White Rose
Named for the long-serving mayor of Mississauga, Rosa Hazel McCallion is in its second year at Brueckner Gardens. Nursed through the winter by Para Kanp, head gardener, this new variety rose is still in its infancy.

Hazel McCallion Rose Bushes
Several of the plants survived and are beginning to bloom. Originally described as a pink rose, these red and white roses may not be true to form. Look for these roses in the center front rose bed.

Scentimental Roses ~ Sweetly Scented Sentimental Favorite
Each Scentimental, like each snow flake, is unique. It's a constant marvel to see how many different ways a Scentimental can look, and how each bud changes as it blooms. Some are mostly red, others pink, and most are variegated with white tossed in.

With the roses fully in first bloom at the BRG, you might think the rhododendrons are finished blooming for the season. Most rhodos are finished blooming, but they need your help:

Rhododendron Help Needed:
Each and every rhododendron flower needs to be dead headed: This means that every rhodo that bloomed this year has to have its dead blossoms removed by hand before the new buds that will bloom next year get too large.

If you can help, see Volunteer post (Mayor Hazel McCallion photo there too!), and call, or drop by the gardens weekdays 8-5 and talk to the Gardens staff.

'Many hands make light work' was never truer than it is of dead-heading thousands of rhodos!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Peony Garden ~ White Tree Peonies, Top Brass White Peony, Pink Peonies

White, pink, tree and bush: Peonies are in glorious full bloom in the Gardens in Port Credit Ontario Canada! Click on image to enlarge; Click Back button to return to this page.

Peony Garden in Bud
Here's how the peony garden looked on May 24, with the peonies tall and in bud, white or pink tips showing. One precocious white tree peony was almost done blooming.

Peony Garden in Full Bloom
Here's how the peony garden looked today, with all the buds now open.

White Peonies ~ Pink Peonies
Note the white peony with yellow center in the photo above: Its name is Top Brass, and it's a beauty!

Top Brass White Peony Close Up
A gorgeous peony, with a blooming habit of doubling its petals back on itself to show its yellow core.

Dark Deep Pink Shrub Peony
Only a few of the peonies are this deep pink, almost red color, and this one sets off the paler pinks and whites.

Two-toned Pink and Deep Pink Peony Flower
I don't know the name of this stunner, but will ask the Peony Man or Head Gardener if they can label it.

Pink Tree Peony Bud
Tree Peonies announce themselves in their buds, which look more like a rose bud than a shrub peony bud. Scroll up to the photo of the peony garden in bud, and see how non-tree peonies have buds that resemble a cabbage.

White Tree Peonies in Full Bloom
Note too that the tree peonies have fewer petals - usually only 6 or 7-  than do shrub peonies. And tree peonies will grow taller, and appear less shrub-like.

White Tree Peony in Full Bloom
Here's a close up of this gorgeous white tree peony.

Peony Garden ~ Port Credit Mississauga Ontario
The Garden as a whole: a magnet for photographers and artists, and a joy to behold.

Heavy rains and strong winds over the previous weekend did take a bit of a toll on the blossom-heavy peonies. Luckily, the plants grew and filled in considerably from last year, their first, and provided a self-support system.

Here's how the peonies looked last year: Top Brass and Tree Peonies. I notice with some interest the dates of those posts; they are blooming this year almost to the date they bloomed last year.

Now lest you think that you've missed the peony garden in full bloom, take heart: The Rose Garden is entering stage right!  And some azaleas and rhodos are still blooming, and the wildflowers are starting to get really wild with blossoms!