Friday, July 17, 2009

More Roses : Brother Cadfael, Scepter'd Isle, Evelyn, Chuckles (and a Japanese Beetle)

update June 2010 : New pictures of roses.
At the BRG, fragrant David Austin roses are in bloom, including Brother Cadfael and Evelyn. Still to come is Austin's Scepter'd Isle. And a picture taken at end of day of a rose garden bed of Chuckles.

First, the pink, peony-like and very fragrant Brother Cadfael, in full bloom:

Brother Cadfael - David Austin Rose (pink)

I took this picture just after sunset. Not the best lighting, but with summer storms threatening, best to photograph when you have the chance.

Brother Cadfael Bud

How did Brother Cadfael get its name? Brit TV fans will likely know, but for the rest of us, see wiki for the Brother Cadfael story, and the David Austin site.

Evelyn with Japanese Beetle

Japanese beetles have been a bother on some of the roses including Evelyn, above, in the BRG as well as home gardens this summer,.

Japanese Beetle Closer View

Wikipedia has more information on these beetles -- see Wiki. With our area's stringent pesticide/herbicide regulations in full force, the simplest way to combat these beetles is to pick them off by hand. Alternately, Safer's Insecticidal Soap -- approved for organics -- can be used, within guidelines. See also the new photos early August showing extensive Japanese beetle infestation.

Evelyn At Sunset

Evelyn was looking particularly lovely at sunset one day, with the long, golden rays bringing out her peachy-apricot side more than the pink (see more Evelyn pictures).

Scepter'd Isle -- David Austin

Scepter'd Isle is difficult to spot in the BRG rose garden; It's another pink beauty by David Austin. I took this photo the morning following a rain storm, with the rain drops clinging to the blossom.

A Rose Garden Full of Chuckles

One of the BRG volunteer admires a bed full of Chuckles, the result of hard work to keep weeds and beetles at bay.

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