Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blooming Hydrangeas Port Credit Ontario

Hydrangeas are now in full bloom at the Gardens in Port Credit, and they appear to have weathered the wind storm on Saturday. Hydrangeas are planted throughout the gardens, so watch along the trails and along Lakeshore Road near Shawnmarr, and you're sure to find a splash of blue, mauve, white or pink to brighten your day.

Hydrangeas at Port Credit

One part of the gardens that is perhaps better known to those who live in the area than those who don't is the gardens near the Godfrey's Lane and Lakeshore Road entrance (northeast corner). Visitors tend to arrive via the Waterfront Trail or the main parking lot, and often miss seeing this little enclave of annuals, lilies and hydrangeas.

Hydrangeas BRG Main Entrance

Though these hydrangeas are blooming right beside the main parking lot on Lakeshore Road, parked cars or wedding party limos can block them from sight.

Close Up Hydrangeas BRG Main Entrance

This garden area has benefited from new plantings this past year, including a number of azaleas, but it's the hydrangeas who keep the color coming all summer long.

Hydrangeas Near Brueckner Plaque

Another area of the gardens that is glowing with hydrangea color is near the Brueckner rhodo walk just south of the parking lot, looking west. Turn and look southeast, and you'll see more hydrangeas on the hill side opposite the rose garden.

New Benches Installed at BRG

This summer, shiny new black metal benches are showing themselves throughout the gardens, like this one in the picture. Notice how the bench is set at one end of the concrete pad, and the opposite end of the pad has a rail a few inches off the surface: This area is designed to accommodate wheel chair visitors to the park.

Mixed Flower and Shrub Bed BRG Entrance

The large flower bed just south of the parking lot has a lot of blooms to catch your eye, including the yellow lilies (Asiatic Butter Pixie) and tall white hydrangeas (Snowball). Any day now, cleomes and coneflowers will burst into bloom, and the annuals are filling in nicely.

Close Up - Mixed Flower and Shrub Bed BRG Entrance

Also look for the tall lily (Lilium Oriental Miss Birma) in this bed. See more lily pictures from the lily garden at BRG.

Many Hands Make Light Work Dept . . .
Now that they are done blooming for this year, the rhododendrons need their spent blooms removed (see deadheading rhodos), and volunteers are making some headway in removing them. If you'd like to lend a hand, or volunteer at the gardens, come by the gardens office weekdays, or leave your name with one of the volunteers, or leave a comment on the blog.

BRG Visitors Map July 2009
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