Sunday, July 5, 2009

Red, Yellow. Orange, White, Pink Lilies An Explosion of color at BRG Mississauga

The BRG lily garden is exploding with color -- red, white, orange, pale yellow and neon yellow, pink and pink with white -- and is a must-see garden in the Port Credit area of Mississauga.

Yellow and Orange Lilies

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Asiatic Snow Crystal White Lily; Red Lily (Lilium Monte Negro)

Asiatic Lilies Snow Crystal (white) and Monte Negro (red) bring to mind poinsettias! But a lot showier!

Red-orange Lilies

Denia Pixie Asiatic Pink Lily - Wide Shot

Denia pixie is an Asiatic lily with evenly pink blooms, yellow stamen.

Lollypop Asiatic Lily --Pink Lily

The honey bees were absolutely loving this pink lily -- Asiatic lily Lollypop. (See picture below.)

Honey Bee in Lollypop Lily

Here's a close up of the bee in the Lollypop lily blossom.

Hot Orange Lilies - Gold Dwarf lilium asiatic

Q: How gorgeous are these flowers? A: Very! A visitor to the lily garden asked how we managed to get these lilies to bloom so lavishly. Was it a special type of lily? Did we use a special fertilizer? The lilies in her home garden were not blooming at all. While I couldn't give her an absolute answer, I did ask her if they were in a sunny location, and to check the variety, as maybe they were later bloomers. (Para, where are you when I need you ?)

Neon Yellow Lilies : Connecticut King

We think that these lilies -- just this side of neon yellow -- are Connecticut King, an Asiatic lily. In the bright sun, they are stunning!

Lemon Yellow Lily

These yellow lilies are a cooler shade, an icy yellow. A nice counterpoint to the more vibrant shades. All in all, a promising premiere of the newest garden at BRG.

Not all lilies have been identified, but as names become known, this page will be updated.

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