Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lilies - Anaconda, Angelique, Stargazer, Garden Party - Late Bloomers

Later summer blooming lilies continue to give color to the Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens lily garden. Anaconda has just finished blooming, Garden Party adds yellow, and Angelique is making a valiant attempt to hold off the Japanese beetles. Let's lead off with the stunning white Stargazer lily.

White Stargazer Oriental Lily - Close Up

A fragrant, tall Oriental lily, Stargazer is a brilliant white with brown stamens. (Click photo to enlarge, then click Back button to return to this page)

White Stargazer Lilies

Stunning though showing signs of insect damage, Stargazer commands attention.

White Stargazer Lilies in the Garden

Late afternoon sun highlights Stargazer's crisp, clean blooms.

Oriental Lily Garden Party

Garden Party Lily has a large white blossom brushed with yellow inside.

Garden Party Oriental Lily

Striking brown stamens, Garden Party is a tall Oriental lily - about 18 inches high.

Oriental Lily Angelique

Angelique in close up - fuchsia pink with yellow throat, a dwarf lily only about a foot tall.

Oriental Lily Angelique

This collection of Angelique shows some of the insect damage in yellow leaves. This summer in Ontario has been a difficult growing season for most plants, and insects are having a field day.

Lime-yellow lily with Burgundy Freckles

As yet, I have no name for this lily. If you know its name, please leave a comment. Only a few were blooming, but they are very striking.

Anaconda Trumpet Lily

A graceful beauty, Anaconda Trumpet Lily is tall -- 3 feet and taller -- with a lovely pink blush on the outside of the petals.

See Pictures of the Earlier Blooming Lilies here.

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