Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend Fall Foliage Colors Squirrels Wildflowers Hydrangeas Apples Berries ~ Things To See Port Credit

Some of the things to see on Canada Thanksgiving weekend at Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens are the changing colors of the fall foliage, dozens of brown, grey and black squirrels scurrying about getting ready for winter, the late blooming wildflowers and hydrangeas, and red ripe apples and berries. Note: Click on a picture to enlarge, then click Back button to return to this page.

Fall Colors ~ Foliage at BRG in Port Credit

The Garden's location in Port Credit on the shore of Lake Ontario is a micro climate, much more temperate than much of Mississauga. This means that fall colors come later to this area, and many trees are just now starting to show signs of red, gold, yellow and orange.

Hints of Orange and Yellow - Fall Foliage Colors

Much of the foliage on the BRG trees is still vibrant green, though today, some trees closer to Godfrey's Lane are starting to show their fall colors with the first flushes of orange, yellow, gold and red.

Grey Squirrel Getting Ready for Winter at BRG

Walk along the Waterfront Trail or the trails through Brueckner Garden and you'll hear the underbrush rustling with dozens of squirrels -- grey, black and red -- as they step up the pace to get ready for winter. Most of them are fairly tame, and accustomed to many visitors watching their antics.

Hydrangeas in Bloom at BRG

Most of the hydrangeas are still in bloom at BRG, including these ones in the picture above, that are inter-planted with the rhododendrons near the Brueckner memorial plaque. Hydrangeas are also planted at the Garden entrance at Lakeshore and Shawnmarr Road (see googlemap in right menu) and in the north east garden near Lakeshore and Godfrey's Lane.

Hawthorn Tree With Red Berries in Fall

The flush of red in the midst of green foliage and lawns are from the red berries on the Hawthorn tree. See photo below for close up of the red fruit.

Hawthorn Tree Fruit ~ Tiny Red Apples

I don't know the type of Hawthorn growing at the Gardens, as its planting precedes the founding of Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens. Each fruit (looks like a tiny red apple) has one singe large seed inside.

Crabapple Tree - Fall Colors in Garden

Near the BRG garden office / washroom building, across the Waterfront Trail from the peony bed, look up, and you'll see this Crabapple tree loaded with tiny ripe fruit.

Crab Apples in Fall- Ripe Red Fruit

Here's a closer look at tiny crabapples. Crabapples make a tasty, tart jelly, or can be pickled. These ones are so tiny, it's hardly worth preserving the fruit. I should also point out that picking any flowers, fruits or plants is not permitted in City of Mississauga parks and gardens.

Wild Asters and Goldenrod - Fall Colors Wildflowers at BRG

Mauve wild asters and bright yellow goldenrod are at their peak colors at the gardens. Herbalists make a tea from the goldenrod flowers when they are just beginning to bloom.

With a mostly sunny Thanksgiving weekend forecast in Mississauga, Canada, make a walking tour of the Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens on of the things to see in Port Credit. Over the next few days or so, the fall foliage should be making more of an impact on the large hardwood trees, turning them brilliant red, orange and yellow.

For anyone planning to travel to New Zealand this month (October 18-26 2009), check out the Dunedin Rhododendron Festival.

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