Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens welcomes all volunteers!

As the BRG grows in terms of number of beds as well as number of plants, any and all volunteer help in growing, cultivating and maintaining the beds and overall appearance of the Gardens is appreciated.

How Much Time Is Required?

Whether you can afford an hour a year, a week, a month, a day, any and all the time you can volunteer is  valuable to us, and your efforts greatly appreciated.

Who Can Volunteer?
Anyone with a love of gardening, of tidy gardens, with some time to spare. Many volunteers are active retirees, area residents, service groups (Tzu Chi West Toronto, Pathfinders, Students).

Ongoing tasks for volunteers year round, weather permitting, include:
  • Litter pickup: If you are planning a walk along the waterfront beach area, bring a bag for any litter you come across and place in one of the many garbage cans in the Gardens.

  • Deadheading Rhodos: When rhododendrons are finished blooming (May, June; varies by variety and season), each spent blossom must be removed by hand to encourage good blooms the following year. Head gardener Para Kanp, staff or other volunteers can show you how it should be done.

  • Weeding, Cultivating Beds: As any gardener knows only too well, weeding and cultivating are ongoing tasks, and many hands make light work and keep the Gardens looking its best. Weeding is always needed in the formal beds, and also in areas where noxious weeds such as garlic mustard and dandelions must be rooted out.

  • Larger Projects In addition to rhodo deadheading, other tasks occur once or twice a year or as needed, and include spreading compost and / or mulch on various areas, planting spring blooming bulbs, perennials and wildflowers, edging garden beds, labeling rhododendrons and azaleas and pruning roses  (under direction of staff), Spring cleanup, and Winter preparations.

Note to Students

Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens volunteer work qualifies as student community volunteer hours.

How to Volunteer at BRG:

Call the City of Mississauga:  311 (just three digits within Mississauga) and ask for Brueckner Gardens or call main number 905-615-4311 

BRGSC chair, David Culham with head gardener, Para Kanp with new plants along the Waterfront Trail i Mississauga, ON
David Culham and Para Kanp 

See this post for more volunteer info and photos.

Come Help Us Grow!