Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rhododendron Gardens Tour Date May 23 ~ Rhodos, Azaleas, Japanese Cherry

[BRG Tour Date 2012: Sunday May 17, 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Free!]

The Gardens Tour date has been changed! The new Rhododendron Gardens tour date is Sunday, May 23, 2010.

Magnolia, Japanese Cherry, Rhododendrons
The magnolias (white, photo) are almost finished blooming. The rhodos, azaleas and the Japanese cherry trees are coming into bloom earlier than usual so the garden tour has been advanced one week from the original date May 30.

Mauve Rhododendrons in Bloom - Port Credit Mississauga Ontario

Even the apple trees, legacy of the original Cranberry Cove farmland where the Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens now flourish, are popping buds open as fast as they can. The forecast weather over the coming weeks is for more sunshine and seasonably warm temperatures, which will encourage many of the flowering shrubs to bloom earlier than usual.

Pink Rhododendron Flowers - BRG Mississauga Ontario
The Rhododendron 'Heritage Bed' is marked with split rail fencing, and signed with information about Dr. Brueckner and his legacy rhodos. These pink rhododendrons can be seen in the Heritage Bed, and in one of the beds closer to Lake Ontario.

Split Rail Fencing Marks the Brueckner Heritage Garden
The gate in the split rail fence that separates the paved trail (path) from the parking lot and the heritage rhodos is now open so that photographers, wedding parties and rhodo fanciers can get close to the beautiful rhododendrons. However, do leave your dogs on leash outside the fenced area. Cyclists: Park your bikes outside the heritage bed.

Pink - Mauve Rhododendrons - Brueckner Heritage Gardens
These early blooming rhododendrons provide a good show for visitors now, and over the coming weeks. There is some concern that even with the Gardens tour date being advanced one week that warm weather in the interim will force all the rhodos into unusually early bloom, and that they may well be in the final stages of blooming by May 23.

White Rhododendron with Pink Tinge - Port Credit Ontario
This rhododendron blooms white, with a pale pink tinge to the flowers. Look for this tiny shrub amidst the larger rhodo plants; it's easy to overlook. This rhodo can be found in the heritage bed, and at the top of the hill heading towards the lake, and in the beds in the south garden area overlooking Lake Ontario.

Mauve Charmer! Azalea in Bloom Mississauga Ontario
Look for azaleas in bloom, too. I took these pictures at the BRG on Tuesday, April 27. Here are pictures and two post dates from previous years (posted on my own blog that predates the BRG blog by 2 years) and pictures of blooming rhododendrons from last May.
Update: May 10, 2010: Japanese Cherry Trees BRG
Japanese Cherry Trees In Bloom ~ BRG Mississauga Port Credit
High winds and rain over the weekend in Port Credit ON did not to any favours to the blooming Japanese Cherries at the Gardens. Luckily, Para Kanp, head gardener, had a few days earlier taken this photo of the trees in full bloom (Click on any photo to enlarge; click Back button to return to this page).

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