Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rhododendrons, Magnolias, Forsythia in Bloom, Rhodos in Bud, Rose Garden, Gardens Tour, and Volunteers Needed!

Spring has Sprung at the BRG in Port Credit, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada! Here's what's new at the BRG this week:
  • Rhododendrons, Magnolias, Forsythia in bloom
  • Rhododendrons in bud
  • Rose Garden Layout
  • 2010 Garden Tour May 2010
  • Spring bulbs in bloom and bud 
  • Volunteers Needed Now, and June 3, 2010
Magnolias Starting to Bloom
Most of the magnolias are still in fuzzy buds, but with a few days of warm weather, they'll be in full flower  soon.
Magnolia Tree - Brueckner Plaque at Base
The Brueckner memorial magnolia tree is first to bloom (see pictures from last year). Note the white magnolias near here, just south of main parking lot Lakeshore Road west and Shawnmarr Road.
Rhododendron Early Bloomers at the BRG
Mauve Rhododendrons in the Heritage Garden area are in flower behind the split rail fence added last fall to deter dogs from harming the rhodos.

Many dog owners seem to be under the impression that the BRG is a park, and an off-leash one at that. It is not. Nor is the BRG a soccer pitch, a ball park, or any kind of sports field. It is a Garden.

Rhododendron with Forsythia Overlooking Lake Ontario
The early blooming rhodos in the Gardens are a sure sign of spring, and the booming period depends on the temperatures. If the weather stays warm, or gets warmer, then the rhodos (and much else) will bloom earlier; If there is a cold spell over the next few weeks, the blooming will slow down.

Mauve Rhododendrons
More Rhododendrons are in the beds overlooking Lake Ontario. Early blooming rhododendrons are Doricum and Isola Bella.

Rhododendrons the Star Attraction ~ Garden Tour May 30, 2010
Many of the rhodos are in bud now, and seemed to have enjoyed the mild winter. With the garden tour set for May 8 or 9, and if the weather cooperates, there should be many rhodos still in bloom, as well as azaleas. Update: the weather is not cooperating as expected and the shrubs and trees are coming into bloom several weeks ahead of schedule: thus, the rhodo garden tour date has been advanced several weeks.

The View From The Hill ~ Rose Garden Layout Design
The Layout and Design of the Rose Garden is best appreciated before the roses begin to grow and flower. Volunteers will edge the rose beds to delineate paths between beds, and keep the bark mulch away from the plants.

Spring Bulbs in Bloom Throughout Rhododendron Gardens
Look for all the usual spring bulb suspects:  daffodils, tulips, crocuses, snow drops and more throughout the gardens. Stay on the paths and trails, as you might not notice you've crushed a plant until it's too late!

Call for Volunteers at the Gardens June 3 2010
Volunteers -- 9 will do, but more would be nice -- are needed to help plant 1,000 plants and shrubs in the ecoswale in the East Gardens on Thursday, June 3, 2010 (See this post).

If you want to help make Mississauga beautiful, call David 'Sweat Equity' Culham at 905-608-2886 to let him know you are ready to dig in and help out!

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