Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hydrangeas Blooming Brueckner Rhododendron Garden : Rhododendron Companion Plants, Mississauga Ontario

Hydrangeas, companion plants for rhododendrons, are in full bloom now at BRG. Look for them throughout the garden, including the heritage (Brueckner) rhodo beds, the woodland areas and the entrances off Lakeshore Road West at Shawnmarr and at Godfreys Lane.

PeeGee Hydrangea Godfreys Lane at Lakeshore Rd. West Mississauga
Look for PeeGee hydrangeas throughout the Garden. This hydrangea is at the BRG sign near Godfreys Lane, at the large annual bed. Opposite this PeeGee are the pink hydrangeas in the picture below.

Pink Blooms Hydrangeas
Pink hydrangeas at the large annual bed near the Port Credit and BRG sign south of Lakeshore Road West at Godfreys Lane. This area is considered part of the East Garden, so if you are parked in the main lot at Shawnmarr, walk across the bridge or along the Lakeshore Road sidewalk to have a look. (see bottom photo)

Pale Pink Hydrangea Blossom Close Up
Close up of large pink hydrangea blossom.

White Hydrangeas Interim Place Memorial Plaque Garden
Just east of the main parking lot at Lakeshore Road West, look for the memorial garden in honour of Interim Place original location. Stop and rest a while on the benches located here.

Standard PeeGee Annual Bed Main Entrance BRG
Look for this standard PeeGee hydrangea in the main annual bed just south of the parking lot entrance to the Garden. It's in a sea of pink geraniums.

Blue Mauve Pink Hydrangea Brueckner Heritage Rhodo Garden
The hydrangeas in the main heritage Brueckner beds on the west hill side are easy to spot from the main trail as you head into the Garden.

White Hydrangeas BRG Heritage Rhododendron Beds Mississauga
Walk through a gate in the split rail fence to enter the hillside garden. The rhododendrons won't be blooming again until next spring, but their companion plantings -- hydrangeas, holly, Pieris Japonica (Japanese andromeda) are stepping up to the Blooming plate.

Blue Pink White Hydrangeas Split Rail Fence Rhododendron Garden
This is the view of the hydrangeas behind the split rail fence, and below the hillside garden, near the Rose Garden (The Roses are now signposted according to type.)

Annual Garden Lakeshore Road Godfreys Lane Mississauga ON
Annual flower bed at Port Credit, Brueckner Garden sign, Lakeshore and Godfreys Lane. Though referred to as an 'annual bed', the plantings in this area include roses, lilies, shrubs and grasses. The coleus are truly amazing this year. This photo doesn't do them justice!

The recent heat wave --- all of July and into August -- coupled with good soil, irrigation and fertilizer has set the weeds into a massive growth spurt as well.

Weeding is underway throughout the Garden, but if you'd like to volunteer your help, please do drop by and pull a few (hundred).

I also took a short video of the Japanese beetles that are finishing off the meal they made of  the rose garden.

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