Friday, May 20, 2011

Bluenose Rhododendron, Japanese Andromeda, Fritillaria Lily Now In Bloom at Brueckner Garden in Port Credit

If you're visiting the Garden this weekend, look for these three early bloomers at their peak: the pale lilac Brueckner hybrid 'Bluenose', the glorious white clusters of Japanese Andromeda, and the exotic orange bells of the Fritillaria lily.

Heritage Garden Rhododendron Bluenose Brueckner Hybrid
Bluenose is a hardy Brueckner hybrid with flowers that are more blue than lilac or mauve. This rhododendron is blooming in the Heritage garden (Brueckner Memorial Plaque, west side of garden) in the midst of the deeper mauve PJM Rhododendrons.

Hillside Garden Lilac Flowers of R. Bluenose in Full Bloom
Several additional Bluenose rhodos were planted in the newer hillside garden beds that face the Rose Garden and the garden office building (background).

Standard Rhododendron Bluenose Heritage Garden Port Credit
Here's a wider shot of Bluenose in the Brueckner bed near the top of the hill, west of the path that comes straight south from the parking lot entrance at Shawnmarr and Lakeshore Road West in Port Credit.

Close up of Bluenose Rhododendron Full Bloom
Here's a closer look at the Bluenose flowers. The lighter green color foliage is new growth on branches that did not bloom this year. Rhodos should be 'deadheaded' -- their spent blossoms removed -- when the blooms die off to encourage full budding for the following year.

Rhododendron Bluenose in Bloom with White Pine
Here's another view of Bluenose in the Heritage bed, with the white magnolia tree in the background. Magnolias at Brueckner are almost finished blooming for this year; this long weekend, weather cooperating, should be a good time to see the last of the blooms.

Crown Imperial Lily Fritillaria in Full Bloom with Periwinkles
This stunning lily is in full and glorious bloom on the opposite side of the Garden; its name is (Ready?) Liliaceae Fritillaria Imperialis  -- Crown imperial --  Fritillaria imperialis Rubra Maxima. It's on its own, and we're not really sure how it got here. It blooms first of all lilies, and when you are not expecting to see lilies in bloom, it's easy to miss it. The small blue flowers covering the ground around it are vinca minor, also known as periwinkles. Both plants do well in this part-shade location.

Close Up of Crown Imperial Lily ~ Deep Orange Red Bell Flowers
 To locate this lily, go from the parking lot and cross the bridge closest to Lakeshore Road on the Waterfront Trail that runs along the creek to the East Garden. Alternately, you could walk east along the Lakeshore Road sidewalk to the benches near the large Port Credit sign. [Thanks to Martha for helping to identify this lily.]

Japanese Andromeda Mountain Fire ~ Rhododendron Companion Plant
Rhododendron companion plant Japanese Andromeda is in full bloom, too. In the picture above, it's the green bush bottom center, in the peony garden. (Peonies are all up and thinking of budding, so give them a few weeks and come back.) This photo was taken in late fall, and the variety of Japanese Andromeda [Pieris japonica] is Mountain Fire, that blooms deep pink - red.

Japanese Andromeda Pieris Japonica Karenoma Full Bloom
The Japanese Andromeda currently in full bloom is Pieris Japonica Karenoma and shows its white 'clusters' of blooms in the Brueckner Heritage garden, located on the west side of the split rail fence, and up the hillside to the left, near the Bluenose. This rhododendron companion plant is about 24 inches high.

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Come out and see the Garden this long holiday weekend (Canada) and bring your camera!

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Liliaceae Fritillaria Imperialis is a beauty!

Love the color of the bluenose flowers. Thanks for sharing the beautiful garden when we're too far away to visit.