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Rhodos, Azaleas Bloom for Garden Tour Sunday May 29, 2011

Brueckner Rhododendron Garden Tour promises a Blooming Good Show! Forsythia, Japanese Cherries, Apple trees, Spring bulbs, wildflowers

Just two weeks less a day until the annual (free!) BRG garden tour the afternoon of Sunday May 29, and it promises to be a blooming good show, despite the cool spring weather this year. But the cool spring means that the usual early bloomers will be part of the show this year, not long gone.

Brueckner Garden Entrance from Godfreys Lane Port Credit ON
 Lake Ontario shoreline is barely visible through the trees coming into leaf at the south east entrance to the Brueckner garden on Godfreys Lane and the Waterfront Trail in Mississauga. This garden bed is only a few seasons old, but the rhodos are already doing their part to attract visitors.

Rhododendron Azaleas Forsythia in Bloom BRG Lake Ontario Lookout
These rhododendrons, azaleas and forsythia, located near the Lake Ontario lookout and seating area, are usually the first to bloom in Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens. I took this photo on May 9, 2011. Have a look at photos from April 26, 2011 - - two weeks earlier! Note the Japanese cherries in bloom in that post: They were still in bud May 9, 2011, but will hopefully be out in all their glory for the Garden Tour.

Early Blooming White Rhododendron Mississauga ON
This white rhodo is also one of the first to bloom each year. Look for it near the top of the hill in the West (Heritage) garden. Some of the mauve rhodos on the hillside south of the Rose Garden are also in full bloom in the new beds on this north-facing woodland bed.

Deep Pink Rhodos and White Magnolia Tree Bloom early May
 This photo was taken near the top rear Heritage Rhodo Bed at the south edge near the fence. The large magnolia trees are in full bloom, framing the deep pink rhodos now in bloom. More magnolia trees, including the Brueckner memorial magnolia, are in bloom now just south of the entrance parking lot. In 2010 they were in bloom almost a month earlier!

Dr Brueckner Memorial Rhododendrons Bloom Early Spring
If Dr. Brueckner had been a chef, and the Garden a restaurant, then this Heritage rhododendron bed would be the signature dish: This rhodo bed contains the longest-established rhodos and azaleas in the Garden. This hillside bed framed by tall trees offers one of the finest photo locations in the City of Mississauga. Lucky the brides who have booked this location for the end of May and early June in 2011!

Rhododendron mucronulatum  Blooms Along Waterfront Trail Mississauga
 This rhododendron mucronulatum Cornell Pink was in bud a few weeks ago (see this post), and it's now in full bloom. Look for it in the bed along the Waterfront Trail path along Tecumseh Creek between the Interim Place seating area and the Garden office building.

Rhodos and Azaleas BRG Entrance Lakeshore Road Mississauga ON
 This sign flanked by rhodos and azaleas directs visitors from Lakeshore Road West at Shawnmarr Road into the BRG parking area. There is a traffic light at this intersection. If you miss the turnoff into the Garden, it's easy enough to turn onto the closest side street and come back. If the parking lot is full, you can park on Shawnmarr Road where there is a 15 hour limit.

BRG East Garden New Mauve-Pink Rhododendrons Bed 1
The new beds in the East Garden (east of the creek and the parking lot, bordered by Godfreys Lane) has 7 new rhododendron and azalea beds coming into their first year of blooms. With the passing years, as the new plants become well-established, these East Garden beds promise to rival those of the West Garden!

If you aren't able to join the BRG head gardener and volunteers for the guided tour on May 29 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., do drop by whenever you can. Weekdays, as a rule, see fewer visitors. (Dog owners are reminded to keep dogs on leash and confined to the paths where possible to prevent damage to the rhodos and other plants.)

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