Sunday, June 2, 2013

Rhododendron Peak Blooming Season Now

April 2018 Update

The annual Gardens tour will take place on Sunday May 27, 2018 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Meet at the Gardens building to the southwest of the parking lot at 660 Shawnmarr at Lakeshore Road West in Port Credit Mississauga ON.

May 2017 Update:

The annual Gardens tour will not take place this year. Drop by the Gardens at your convenience to see what's in bloom.

May 3 2016 Update:

The Annual Garden Tour date for 2016 has been moved ahead to the first Sunday in June, the 5th. 

Due to the late spring and cooler than usual weather, the BRGSC members decided that an additional week of warmth would allow the rhododendrons a bit more time to look their best.

Here are a few photos of rhododendrons in bloom at the Gardens last week, and sent in by David Culham (Thank you, David!)

As well, Para Kanp, head gardener, sends this update on the state of the blooms today.

"This week is the best week for blooms this year. 
The big leaf Rhodes and Jolie Madams are in bloom. 
The former Lily Bed [East Garden, visible from Lakeshore Road West] is having its best show ever. 
Don't miss it. Once it's gone, it's gone."

Here are David's pictures* with dates included on the images. The images speak for themselves.

Flowers and buds in red rhododendron, Port Credit, ON
Red Rhodo and Buds

Lilac flowers in snowball shape, mauve lilac color.
Mauve 'snowball' Flowers

Pink buds become white on large blooming rhododendron flower.
Pale Pink to White Bloom on Rhodo

Pink blossoms cover rhododendron in full bloom Spring 2013, Port Credit ON
Vibrant Lilac-Pink Blooms

Small shrub rhodo with deep mauve-lilac blossoms in full bloom.
Glowing Deep Mauve Rhodo

Japanese Cherry trees in bloom, overlooking mauve rhododendrons at BRG.
Hillside Gardens with Japanese Cherries and Mauve Rhodos

Small rhododendron shrub covered in pale pink blooms.
Pale Pink Rhodos

Uncommon Yellow rhodo coming into bloom at BRG late May 2013
Vibrant Yellow Rhodo coming into Bloom.

Last week, while working in the Gardens on a rainy day, we noticed how many rhododendrons and azaleas were still full of buds yet to open, due to the cooler, wetter spring weather this year.

Thanks to Para for letting us know many buds opened with the warmer weather a few days ago.

With cooler, sunny weather forecast for the next week, this year's peak blooming season has been extended well into June.

Do come out and walk the trails to admire this festival of color this year. Be sure to bring your camera!

*All images copyright and courtesy of David J Culham.