Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tess of the D'Urbervilles, Evelyn, Iceberg, Chuckles The Ingenious Mr Fairchild -- What's in Bloom

Here are pictures of more roses in bloom at BRG : David Austin's Tess of the D'Urbervilles, The Ingenious Mr Fairchild and Evelyn, and Iceberg and Chuckles.

David Austin Rose: The Ingenious Mr Fairchild Pink

A very special rose named in honour of Thomas Fairchild, who made the first flower hybrid in Europe in 1720. The blooms look much like a peony, very full in full bloom.

From the David Austin Roses site (link below):

This was a cross between a Sweet William and a carnation, which became known as ‘Fairchild’s mule’. With thanks to Michael Leapman for the name, which was the title of his excellent biography on Thomas Fairchild.

Chuckles -- Deep Pink Single Rose

I don't know how Chuckles got its name, but perhaps it's because this prolific bloomer tries to fool you with its first bloom: It comes out as a single, unpretentious blossom looking for all the world like an ordinary wild rose.

But look at all the buds ready to pop! And when they all come into bloom (if the current heat wave continues, it will be within days), Chuckles will show its true glory -- a profusion of blooms at stem end (see Chuckles bed in full bloom).

Iceberg -- Pure White Rose

The Iceberg beds are in full bloom now, a flash of pure white to better highlight the pinks, reds and yellows of its showier neighbours. But white flowers come into their own at dusk and dawn, when light is dim.

Evelyn -- David Austin Yellow - Peach Rose

The Evelyn bed is also ready to come into full bloom. The rose bush in the picture was mis-planted in another bed that gets more sun than the Evelyn bed, and so is blooming a few days ahead of its siblings.

Evelyn Close Up - A True Beauty!

Update June 27/09 The storm on Thursday knocked about some of the roses that were in full bloom, but yesterday's sun and calm coaxed new buds to open. Such was the case with the lovely Evelyn, seen here in close up.

David Austin Tess of the D'Urbervilles Red Rose

Tess is coming into full bloom as well. Look for the small white tags pushed into the ground in the bed. When I say 'look' I mean 'with your eyes'. Please do not step into the beds as the new growth is quite delicate and it's easy to damage these new plants.

Cedar mulch is being added to the rose garden paths to better show where it is safe to step.

Almost all the roses in the garden were chosen for their old fashioned heady rose scent, so do take time to stop and smell the roses!

The new bed in the center of the lakeside (south) edge of the rose garden is the future home of the Hazel McCallion rose. More on this rose later.

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