Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blooming Roses Eglantyne, Abraham Darby (David Austin) and Scentimental

Last night at dusk, I took a few pictures of the roses now blooming at the new rose garden. Here are two David Austin roses Eglantyne and Abraham Darby, and the sweet Scentimental.

[My digital camera batteries were low, and I wanted to use available light for truer color, so not all of these first rate pics, but they will give you an idea of what to expect when you visit.]

Scentimental Rose Bed

Scentimental are known for their fragrance and their candy-striped (peppermint candy) blooms. It seems no two blooms are ever the same.

Scentimental Rose Bed

Here's a tighter shot of a Scentimental rose bush so you can see the variations of colors on the same plant.

Pink Rose -- Eglantyne by David Austin

The David Austin site calls this 'one of the most beautiful English roses' and we have to agree.

Eglantyne Rose Close Up

Eglantyne is a full, double bloom rose that's considered very hardy and disease resistant. Like all the roses chosen for this new rose garden, Eglantyne has a wonderful scent.

Peach Rose by David Austin -- Abraham Darby

I took two pictures of Austin's Abraham Darby rose. It really is lovely and is just coming into first full bloom.

Peach Rose -- Abraham Darby in Bud

Abraham Darby is described as 'apricot and yellow, tinted with pink' on the Austin site. I took a photo of these buds to see if my camera could capture the subtle mauve- blue rims of the new buds. It's really lovely.

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