Monday, May 31, 2010

Rhododendrons, Azaleas Peak Blooming Time Port Credit Mississauga Ontario

Blooming Update June 8, 2011: Peak Blooms this week at Brueckner for azaleas and rhodos.

Though the Rhododendron Gardens tour took place a week ago, the rhodos and azaleas are still in glorious full bloom and make a spectacular show!

Here are some pictures taken over the past few days. [Click on photo to enlarge, then click Back button to return to this page]

Lake Ontario Micro-Climate Great for Rhodos!
The Gardens location on Lake Ontario in Port Credit (Mississauga) suits rhodos and azaleas to a T. Visitors find this setting spectacular, too. This view is looking south towards Niagara Falls and St Catharines.

Rhodos and Azaleas ~ Close-up on Lake Ontario
This bed of azaleas and rhododendrons is just steps from the Waterfront Trail through the Gardens, just west from the south bridge. Overlooking the beach, with several comfy benches, this spot is a great favorite with visitors. Especially on hot sunny days, watching the boats on Lake Ontario.

Waterfront Trail Views to Brueckner Heritage Garden
The Waterfront Trail runs along Tecumseh Creek through the Gardens. This is the view across the lawns to the Heritage bed on the west side of garden.

Waterfront Trail Cyclist at BRG Heritage Garden
This Waterfront Trail cyclist didn't even bother following the Trail around to the Heritage Beds: He made a bee-line across the lawns to get a closer look. Such is the power of rhodos and azaleas in full bloom: Charms the cyclists off the paths!

Yellow Azaleas near Waterfront Trail Rhododendron Gardens
There are several yellow azalea bushes throughout the Gardens; I found this one close to the South Bridge (bridge closest to Lake Ontario). There are currently three bridges in the Gardens that cross over Tecumseh Creek that separates the West Garden (Heritage beds) from the East Garden, where 7 new rhododendron beds are planned.

Orange Rhododendron Waterfront Trail South bridge
As well as yellow azaleas, BRG has several large orange rhododendron shrubs. This one in the picture is beside the yellow azalea, at the south bridge, west side.

White Rhododendron with yellow freckles
This white rhododendron stunner (especially in close up), is located outside the nursery fence, near the Godrey's Lane entrance to the Gardens, closest to Ben Machree Park and the Lake.

From a distance, the rhodo flowers appear white or pale pink. Leave the path and get a close up look at the large shrub up against the wrought iron fence, and you'll see the lovely yellow freckles on the blossoms.

Over the past week or two, Mississauga has enjoyed unseasonably warm weather. It's been gloriously sunny and dry, even along the usually cooler lakefront.

Since the hot weather makes the plants bloom faster, the flowering season will be over all too soon. Don't miss the show: Head out to the Gardens (See the link for the map in the right menu).

Catch a cool breeze from the lake, sit a spell, and admire the stunning rhododendrons and azaleas while they're in full bloom! One serious thunderstorm, and they could be done.

Next Up: The Peonies!

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