Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lemon, Mandarin, White Lights Azaleas Blooming at BRG

Three related azaleas are currently in bloom at BRG in Mississauga: Lemon Lights, Mandarin Lights and White Lights.

As you may infer from their names, they reflect the colors of their blossoms: Yellow, Orange and White. Here are this week's pictures.

Lemon Lights Azalea in Bud East Garden
 Here's a photo of Lemon Lights in bud; look for this yellow azalea across the foot bridge(s) in the East Garden. From the first -- north -- bridge (closest to Lakeshore Road West), the bright blooms in new rhododendron and azalea beds will show you the way.

Lemon LIghts Azalea in Full Bloom
 Most of the garden beds in the East Garden were added late last summer, so this is the first blooming season for the rhodos and azalea since transplanting. Good planting techniques, good mulching and winterizing helped every plant make it through the winter in good condition.

Mandarin Lights Azalea at BRG Port Credit ON
 Mandarin Lights Azalea is a real attention grabber no matter where it's located. This beauty can be seen from the Garden office building south side; it's the blaze of orange on the hillside beds facing the office.

Mandarin Lights Azalea Full Blooms
 Here's a closer look at Mandarin Lights azalea from the hillside north-facing bed. In this photo, the view is south east towards the East Garden.

Azalea Mandarin Lights in bed with Rhododendrons
 Looking in the opposite direction from the photo above, here's Mandarin Lights and friends blooming in a bed that faces west towards the Brueckner Heritage Rhododendron beds.

White Lights Azalea in Bud ~ Port Credit ON
 A few weeks ago, White Lights azalea was the first of the 'Lights' to show buds, but now all three 'Lights' azaleas are in full bloom. Look for White Lights and Lemon Lights near each other, in the East Garden, and both types helpfully sporting large clear name tags!

Three White Lights Azalea Blossoms
 The 'Lights' azaleas all have large, exotic looking blooms, and are all hardy in colder climates. White Lights tinge of salmon pink will turn to pure white as the blossom matures. White Lights can handle full sun, too.

White Lights Azalea With a Pink Tinge
 The White Lights azaleas are especially gorgeous, and in this picture, still showing their blush of youthful pink. And their short stature underscores their youth: White Lights can grow up to seven feet tall.

BRG Head Gardener, Committee Members Garden Tour Group
While the weather wasn't clear and sunny for the annual Rhododendron Garden Tour, the rains did hold off for the afternoon.

Head Gardener, Para Kanp, and Brueckner Rhododendron Garden Stewardship Committee members led an enthusiastic group (shown here in the East Garden near the 'Lights' azaleas) throughout the various plantings.

The focus, of course, was on the rhododendrons and azaleas, now in full and glorious bloom.

See maps, location  and if you'd like to come help grow the garden, get in touch!

But come back often throughout the year to see what else in in bloom: The peonies are bursting any day now, the Rose Garden is in bud, and the wildflowers throughout the Garden are in bloom now and throughout the summer and fall.

Hot weather this week will accelerate rhodos and azaleas blooming, so plan a walk in the Garden as soon as possible to catch this once-a-year Rhodie Show :-)
See Mississauga News article for more.

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Anonymous said...

The garden is in full bloom.

All the big rhodies are in bloom and the east garden beds are looking great.

All our hard work is paying off. Take some time off and enjoy the beautiful environment at Brueckner garden.