Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rhododendron, Coneflowers, Hostas, Phlox, Daylilies ~ What's In Bloom at the BRG

Coneflowers, phlox, hostas and daylilies join a late blooming rhododendron at the BRG to brighten the greenery with pinks, whites and yellows.

Torrential rains the past week have taken their toll on Mississauga gardens, and the flower beds at Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens are no exception. But a fast walk through the other night shows that most of the flowers survived the July storms fairly well.

Rhododendron in Bloom in late July

I stand to be corrected, but I think the end of July is latest in the spring-blooming rhodo season that I have ever seen rhodos blooming at the BRG. Well, with the exception of one valiant rhodo that sent forth a bloom late last fall.

After the Storms July 2009 - Hostas in Bloom

Hostas across Mississauga are sending up their flower spikes to add a subtle shade of mauve to the gardens. This hosta bed next to the BRG office is looking particularly fine this year -- its first full summer -- thanks largely to volunteer Don who spent many of his springtime hours weeding this new bed.

Mixed Blooms Annual, Perennial

As usual, the mixed bed of annual geraniums, marigolds, canna lilies, etc. south of the parking lot on Lakeshore Road is filling in nicely. Perennial coneflowers are now in bloom, having joined the stunning lilies and hydrangeas already in full bloom.

Any day now, one of my personal favourites, annual but self-seeding cleome, will burst forth and continue send forth pink and white spiky flower balls till frost and beyond.

Phlox in Bloom Edge of Peony Bed ~ Waterfront Trail

I recall volunteer David planting these phlox late last fall to provide not only a splash of summer color after the peonies were finished, but also to act as a buffer between the delicate peonies and the traffic on the Waterfront Trail. I for one am glad he did. Once the early summer blooming is done, the colorful phlox are most welcome!

Daylilies Frame Lake Ontario Scene

Another David Initiative is the row of daylilies now in bloom that so prettily frame the Lake views. This spot, where BRG meets Lake Ontario, is hugely popular with visitors, staff and volunteers; there are a few new and comfy benches where you can stop and sit a while.

David did a lot of work last summer and fall to clean out a profusion of overgrown vines, scrub brush and weeds that were encroaching on the nearby rhodo and azalea beds. The weeds and scrub, clearly annoyed at their removal, have mounted a counterattack. Volunteers, come defend our gardens!

Misty Views After Heavy Rains ~ Lake and Sky Blend

This is the view from the Waterfront Trail south bridge where the creek meets Lake Ontario. Following heavy summer rains, and the resulting rise in humidity, mist blurs the horizon; The less than perfect evening weather did not deter visitors.

Also in bloom are the gorgeous hydrangeas, and in the rose garden, the irrepressible Chuckles still blooming strong.

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