Sunday, October 21, 2012

Summer and Fall Garden Blooms BRG Port Credit

A busy summer of planting, weeding and cultivating at the Gardens in Port Credit paid off with one of the best blooming shows ever! Here are some pictures taken over the summer and into the fall. Annotated photos are courtesy of David Culham, stewardship committee chair and volunteer/ volunteer coordinator.

Late-blooming Black-eyed Susans add splash of deep golden yellow to BRG Lakeshore flower bed.
BRG Lakeshore Road Entrance Garden
Last year's transplanting of perennials from other areas of the Gardens paid off this season, with the Black-eyed Susans deep yellow complementing the mauve sprays of Russian sage.  Tall and lush canna lilies add height and more colour.  Head gardener, Para Kanp, has been cultivating a number of canna lilies for several years, and their large size is testament to their age.

Deep pink clusters of Chuckles roses bloom all summer and into fall.
Chuckles Rose Blooms June to October in the Rose Garden.
Chuckles is the most prolific bloomer in the rose garden, with a mass of deep pink flowers filling its bed from June until today (October 20). Other roses are still showing blooms, but none so lush as the reliable Chuckles.

Late summer coleus, marigolds, zebra grass and more brighten an annual flower bed.
Annual Bed BRG on Lakeshore Road near Godfreys Lane
Coleus and marigolds and other annuals and perennials give a splash of color in the Port Credit bed, the annual flower bed at Lakeshore Road West at Godfreys Lane. This area of the Gardens includes azaleas, canna lilies, zebra grass and hostas, and many more shrubs and plants chosen to provide colour and / or interest all year long.

Marigolds, mums, coleus and other annuals at Port Credit garden.
Another View of Annual Garden Bed Lakeshore Road
Note the location of the brown Brueckner Gardens sign in this photo and the one immediately above to show the different views of the Port Credit bed. A mid-October frost knocked back the annuals, so the show is over for this year. The zebra grass and shrubs such as the hydrangea (middle left) are still doing their best to carry the load.

Mid October fall colours in East Garden Bioswale, meadow at BRG, Port Credit.
Bioswale East Garden at BRG
The tall grasses and bullrushes mark the bioswale in the East Garden at the BRG. Several new trees were planted in this meadow area after the loss of several large willows a few years ago. See Fallen Willows post.

Busy as a bee ? Large bees nest-building in the soil of a rhododendron bed in the East Garden, BRG, Port Credit.
Bees Building in East Garden at Brueckner.
As we were edging the rhododendron and azalea beds, and spreading pine needle mulch in the East Garden, we noticed these busy bees building a nest in the loose top soil. Intent on their task, these bees didn't bother us, and we took care not to disturb them.

Hosta and rhodo bed at base of tree gets a neat, clean edge to keep the grass at bay.
Newly-edged Hosta and Rhodo Bed at BRG
Neat clean edges around shrub and flower beds give a manicured look to the Gardens. An added bonus is that the lawn crews can easily see where the grass ends and the plants begin. And lawn crews have responded with precision lawn edges that really set garden beds apart from natural areas. As time, weather and tasks allow, all garden beds will be edged.

Another View of Edged Garden Beds.
These beds are just west of the trail along Tecumseh Creek between the South bridge near the waterfront and the Middle bridge to the East Garden. As well, many beds nearest Lakeshore Road and Rhodo beds in the East Garden have been edged. With attention now being focused on getting the Gardens ready for winter, further edging will likely have to wait till next Spring.

Bright annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees greet visitors at BRG in Port Credit.
Main Annual Bed near entrance of Gardens
The main annual bed gave a great show all summer, ending when the heavy frost a week ago knocked them down and out for the year. Also shown are the tree hydrangeas (right, front) and hostas at the Kennedy Memorial Plaque.

Canna lilies form backdrop at annual bed in BRG.
Another view of Main Annual Bed BRG
This picture was taken standing directly in front of the Annual bed, and shows the enormous canna lilies that backdrop the annuals. Regular cultivation after planting, aided by regular fertilizing, and irrigation during the dry summer months, gave the annuals good deep roots.

Light purple Russian sage edges the east side of the main Annual bed at BRG.
Annual Bed with Russian Sage, Hydrangeas and Shrubs
This picture shows the Annual bed from the east side, where perennials such as light purple Russian Sage and shrubs such as white hydrangeas give summer-to-fall colour.

Though winter preparations (adding pine mulch for rhodos and azaleas, installing snow fencing, etc.) are well under way, and the frost-bitten annuals have been removed, there is still much to catch and delight visitors: Some of the spring-blooming azaleas are sporting a few fall blossoms, as are some wildflowers and perennials.

And, while weather permits, many trees are sporting their fall colours leaves, bright berries and red fruits, all providing a good show. See fall colours post.

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