Saturday, June 23, 2012

Roses in Full Bloom at Brueckner Gardens

Roses are in full bloom this week at the Gardens, and the first flush of flowering is always the showiest. I photographed the roses that are labeled, and included a few more from the Mixed (test) bed.

Ten beds of roses at Brueckner in Port Credit, Mississauga, Ontario.
Rose Garden at Brueckner Overview
Walk up the hill path to get this overview of the rose garden layout. To the top right is the hosta garden, also a good show this summer. The building is the garden staff office (public restrooms open April to November).

Pale peach pink rose Abraham Darby.
Abraham Darby Rose
 One of many David Austin roses in the garden. See this rose in 2009, when the rose garden was being planted.
David Austin rose Iceberg (white) at BRG Mississauga, Ontario.
Iceberg Rose (White)
 Iceberg is one of the most reliable long-season bloomers in the Gardens. Several Icebergs are planted among the brilliant red Tess, shown below.

Tess of the Durbervilles deep red David Austin rose.
Tess of the Durbervilles Red Rose.
 Tess is one of the deepest red roses, another David Austin winner. Several Iceberg (white) rose bushes are in this bed, to mark the colours of the Canada flag.

The Ingenious Mr. Fairchild (David Austin rose)
 See more photos of and information about The Ingenious Mr Fairchild (and Tess) on this page.

Eglantyne rose at BRG, David Austin Rose.
Eglantyne Rose at Brueckner Gardens
 Always lovely Eglantyne, another of the David Austins.

Crown Princess Margareta Rose
 The Crown Princess Margareta was one of the first roses to bloom this spring,  and one of the first to finish. See pictures from the start of blooming here.

Chuckles rose in bloom.
Chuckles  Red Rose White Center.
Chuckles is a great favourite in the rose garden. At blooming time, Chuckles opens up one innocuous-looking flower, as seen in the photo above. That's a harbinger of the explosion of blooms to come.
Captain Samuel Holland rose, hardy Canadian shrub.
Captain Samuel Holland Red Rose (Canadian)
 This is a very hardy Canadian rose, Captain Samuel Holland. It's not only gorgeous to look at, but its dense growing habit helps protect the more delicate roses from wind. It generally has one good bloom at this time of year, and that's it.

Pale peach, pinks and apricot colors the Evelyn Rose.
Evelyn Rose
Evelyn is not the hardiest of roses, and the afternoon shade in its current location is not helping. Plans are underway to move Evelyn to a sunnier bed in the rose garden, likely in September.

Pink Rose Brother Cadfael blooming in Port Credit.
Brother Cadfael Rose
Brother Cadfael is a gorgeous rose, with a gorgeous bud to match. See a photo of this rose blooming  in late fall here.

Rosa Scentimental named for fragrant scent.
Scentimental Rose at BRG
 Scentimental is one of those roses that seems to have no two blooms alike. It's also one of the most fragrant of the roses.

Sutton Place rose in Mixed bed at BRG Port Credit.
Sutton Place Rose
 Sutton Place has no bed of its own at Brueckner, and can currently be found in the Mixed Bed as well as at the end of Evelyn's bed.

Name of this orange rose unknown, but a gorgeous bloomer.
Orange Rose (no name)
This is our famous orange rose, whose name we do not know.  It came with Chuckles roses, then surprised us with showy orange blooms. It has been moved into the Mixed Bed as well.

Bring your Cameras!

Photographers in the Garden abound during June, with good reason: The roses are at their loveliest! Make plans to take your lunch or coffee breaks at the BRG this week.

Also in bloom, the first of the hydrangeas, and large day lilies at the top lookout, the first of the coneflowers in the Perennial Bed. And of course, the large hosta garden is picture-perfect!

Use the search box top of page to find more photos of plants in the Gardens.

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