Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lake Ontario Viewpoint Makeover ~ Benches, Fence, Plants Improve Great Photo Location in Mississauga

Popular Brueckner Rhododendron Garden lookout gets new seating, split rail fence

The Lake Ontario lookout at BRG, a great favourite with many Garden visitors, has been given a makeover and is now sporting three new benches, a new split rail fence and new plantings. With a total of four benches in the immediate area, there's room for more to sit a while, and admire the fabulous lake and garden views. Beach-goers will access the waterfront area from a new entry point.

Lake Ontario Viewpoint Brueckner Rhododendron Garden

One of the most romantic spots in Mississauga is here at the Garden, overlooking Lake Ontario, near a large rhododendron and azalea bed. The above photo shows a couple sitting on one of the old benches. The other old bench was located to the right, out of view in this picture, and looked directly into shrubbery. Over the years, the trees had grown, and the beach cliff eroded. This lookout makeover was well due!

 New Concrete Pads Poured for New Benches At BRG

City staff inspect new concrete pads prior to installation of new benches. The new bench locations were sited on the perimeter of a large circle. Plans allow for creating a new circular shrub and flower bed of low-growing plants in the middle area.

 New Black Garden Bench, Old Wood and Steel Bench Support

The old benches and supports (photo: steel, red painted wood and concrete footing) were cut and removed. The new black benches were affixed to the new concrete pads. In periods of wet weather or snow melt, the ground around the old benches would get muddy. The new concrete should give much firmer and safer footing.

The BRG Stewardship Committee agreed with the city staff proposal for these new installations. While access to the beach below is still available, it will be via a gentler, safer trail across the slope. Some existing lilies on the edge of the embankment had to be transplanted out of the way of the new path and closer to the fence.

 Concrete Pads for Park Bench Overlooking Lake Ontario

Here's another view of two of the three new concrete pads, with one of the old red-brown benches in the background. Grass seed was sown in the bare areas. [Note the absence of fencing between the grass and the drop off to the Lake.]

One of the new benches is sporting a memorial plaque. (City of Mississauga sponsor a tree, bench info here). As you walk through this Garden, take note of these plaques, most often on benches or at the base of trees. A lovely and lasting memorial!

 City Crew, Tractor Remove Old Bench Supports, Footings, for Recycling

Remains of two older benches were hauled away in short order to make way for the new benches. The old wood will be separated from the steel supports, the old concrete footer will be broken off, and the steel recycled for other uses.

New Benches, Split Rail Fence, New Perennial Plantings

Note the grass has sprouted and is filling in bare areas around the concrete pads. The new split rail rustic fence, IMO, is a great addition. It serves to frame this lovely view, and provide a barrier for those who may be looking more at the view than at where they are stepping. The new beach and lakeshore access can be seen in the background, directly behind the bench.  

Million Dollar Lake Ontario Views Free to All at Brueckner Garden

Though this day, no sailboats, power boats, tankers or even flocks of migrating birds were in sight, this gorgeous scene is constantly changing, not only with water craft traffic, but also with the passage of the sun, the monthly phases of the moon and each new season. 

The view also changes as volunteers add new plantings, like Black Eyed Susans, transplanted from existing beds to this location

Here's a video of this viewpoint in the midst of an early winter storm:

Brueckner Rhododendron Garden is already a popular location for wedding photos and special occasion photos. The makeover of this viewpoint provides yet another gorgeous location for picture taking!

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