Friday, November 27, 2009

Large Tree Removal Part Two Poplar Tree : Cranes, Platform, Bobcat, Chipper

The removal of a large poplar tree on private property in Mississauga required crane trucks and other heavy equipment too large for a typical suburban back yard. Happily for the homeowner, the back yard abuts the Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens near the parking lot on Lakeshore Road West.

This page is Part Two large tree removal at BRG in Port Credit, Ontario. For Setting Up, see Tree removal Part One and Part Three.

Crane Truck on Steel Mat Path
A crane truck uses the path made from steel mats to move into position closer to the trees and wood fence separating the residential lots from the Mississauga park land.

Crane Truck for Tree Removal
Still on the steel mat 'road', one of the crane trucks is positioned close to the fence, then support struts are used to level and stabilize the truck. Click on photo to enlarge, and you can see the truck wheels are off the ground (Click Back button to return to this page).

Smaller Trees Removed First
But first, two smaller trees had to be removed. These smaller trees were on the BRG side of the fence, and had grown crooked and were leaning on fence.

 Men in Trees
Tree removal crew climbs one of the smaller trees to limb branches. A cable from one of the crane trucks steadies the trunk, and after it's sawn, hoists it overhead to the parking lot for disposal.

Crane Hoists Tree Trunk
Section of tree attached and suspended by cable from crane truck is hoisted over other large trees in the area.

Bobcat and Chipper BRG Parking Lot
In the parking lot, a bobcat operator was kept busy moving branches to the chipper. Each time the crane delivered another large section of tree, the bobcat operator would steady it and detach the cable so the crane operator could return to the platform crew.

Chipper Makes Short Work of Branches
The bobcat operator used a chain saw to cut the tree debris into stable sections, then using the bobcat, he picked up and moved branches to the chipper. Here he is shown feeding branches into the chipper.

Attaching Crane Cable to Tree Trunk
Crew on a platform suspended from a separate crane truck used power saw and wedges to cut the poplar into roughly 8 foot long sections. By this time, it was  early afternoon and the fog was rolling in.

Crew with Chain Saw on Suspended Platform
The crew on the suspended platform used a chain saw to make the cut while the tree trunk was held fast by the crane truck cable.

Crane Moves Platform into Postion 
As each new section -- about 8 feet long, weighing about a thousand pounds -- was removed, the platform was lowered into a new position so the crew could repeat the process:  Measure and mark new cut line, affix cable from the tree removal crane into position, make cut with chain saw, hammering in wedges as needed, then move out of range while the other crane lifted the sawed-off section to the parking lot.

End View of Platform Crane
Here's another view of the crew platform held aloft by second crane.

Platform Crew Removing Branches
 Fall foliage still clings to some of the poplar branches around the crew on the platform.

Three crane trucks were used to remove this large poplar tree: One to set up the steel mat base; One to steady and hoist the tree branches and trunks to the parking lot; and one to hold the platform for the crew doing the sawing.

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